OrganicDeodorant- Tea Tree & Peppermint

OrganicDeodorant- Tea Tree & Peppermint

This deodorant unveils the amazing hidden properties of the organic symbiosis. The power and the integrity of the organic ingredients work in perfect harmony to cut unwanted odors and support healthy balance of the skin. This deodorant does not iritate the skin and softens the underarm area without harsh chemicals, all the while keeping you fresh all day.

Tea Tree & Peppermint: The pure aroma of the tea tree combined with the revitalizing scent of the peppermint create the pefect balance that will keep you fresh all day.


Ingredients: organic coconut oil*, organic beeswax*, magnesium hydroxide, organic arrowroot powder*, food grade activated charcoal, organic peppermint essential oil*, organic tea tree essential oil*, organic grapefruit seed extract

*Certified organic ingredients


Aluminum Free - Baking Soda Free - Cruelty free


Made with food and water grade activated charcoal


Keep in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight


Push-up evenly when start using it 


Apply a thin layer under your armpit on dry skin. Allow the deodorant to be absorbed.


Made in small batches to deliver the best freshness possible


Kraft cardboard push-up tube / Eco-friendly packaging to preserve the quality of the product 


Prior to use, each container is manually sanitized, as an additional layer of safety


Medium to low heat is used in the production process to preserve the quality, along with glass and stainless steel utensils only


Complementary burlap bag makes all of the In The Beginning Organics products a great gift for any occasion, such as wedding/bridal/baby shower, birthday party favor, etc.


Ideal for: sensitive skin in both men and women 


All day long odor protection


Net weight: 2.29 oz (65 g)


Made in the U.S.A.